Farm to School and School Gardens

Farm to School is a program connecting schools with local farms. Polk, Norman, and Mahnomen counties are positioned in the heart of some of the richest and most abundant farmland in the world. By schools obtaining food from local growers and distributors, children will learn healthy eating habits while we help support the local economy.

Farm-to-school programs have three general goals:

  1. Help students eat more nutritious foods for healthier lifelong eating patterns
  2. Support the local economy and farmers
  3. Teach students about how their food is grown

Polk, Norman, and Mahnomen counties encourage school garden programs. These gardens are operated by a school on or off, school property. These gardens produce food for use in the school food program and promote good nutrition and physical activity. 

To view sample policies, please visit the School Wellness page. 


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Local produce can be bought or donated directly from growers as long as it has not been prepared or stored in a private home. 

Partnerships and Possibilities

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